Despre locul in care iubirea se intalneste cu fericirea

Love yourself

Zilele trecute, in timp ce imi faceam curat pe desktop, am dat de un articol mai vechi, scris pe vremea cand Happy Placebo era mai degraba o idee. L-am citit, mi s-a parut interesant, asa ca l-am lasat neschimbat, cum l-am scris, in engleza.


Have you ever found yourself thinking what true love actually is? Trying to paint a clear, definite picture of a relationship and how it is suppose to be? I must confess I did that more than a thousand times. More than that, I would try to find the ingredients of the perfect person that would match my fantasy. Was it worth it? Did it work?

I didn’t think so. This happens because we always try to evaluate the people we meet and compare them with the picture in our head. Evan worse, we compare them with parts of other relationships.

So what can you do then?

Love yourself

Love yourself

Well, an old saying states that in order for the “love others like you love yourself” to work, you must start by loving yourself. Start being a loveable person, start being yourself and nothing less or more. Start exploring your limits, what doesn’t make you happier and what does.

Make a list of all the things you have and that you are grateful for. Make a list of those things that bring you joy and compose the person you are. Make your own receipt and then you will attract the right people.

Stop spending your time analyzing everyone around you. Stop judging them; you’ll only take your faults upon you. Don’t bring your unsolved family issues at the table. Lean to forgive and move forward.Free yourself from the dependence of others advice. Forgive yourself and feel worthy of being loved and respected.

Be the person you want and go get yourself loved. 


One response to “Despre locul in care iubirea se intalneste cu fericirea

  1. interesanta ideea
    din pacate sunt mult prea atenti sa raspundem nevoilor colorlanti si e atat de important sa fin uneori atenti si la noi insine…

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